The Instagram Feed of the Farm

a patch of edible rarities arroyo grande, california

Operated and owned by Eric Broberg, Edulis is a small organic farm on an ancient sand dune in San Luis Obispo county.

We grow uncommonly delicious fruit. We use a variety agroecological and beyond-organic growing techniques: richly diverse compost extracts, interplanting, and the use of perennial nitrogen-fixing plants to produce mulch and fertilizer on-farm. Read more about our rarely delicious produce below.

goldenberries as tangy-tasty as they are packed full of antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Available now.

tamarillos succulant, piquant, tropical - a mix of kiwi, tomato, and passionfruit. Coming soon.

passionfruit dreamily aromatic, sweet and tart. Available now.